About the Book:

Dynamic Energetic Healing®, Howard Brockman, MA, MSW, LCSW introduces a new psychotherapy model that creatively integrates ancient spiritual healing practices with modern psychotherapy.

Dynamic Energetic Healing® by Howard Brockman provides a non-traditional alternative for the millions of Americans frustrated with the over prescription of anti-depressants and countless hours of talk therapy.

In Dynamic Energetic Healing®, Brockman explains the DEH® model and its practical application, provides 17 case studies that illustrate the model's successful implementation, and assists readers in releasing and eliminating trauma caused by unidentified sources of anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.

Through his extensive training in process-oriented psychology, core shamanism (since 1981), energy psychology, and more than 24 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist in private practice, Brockman has created a synthesis of psychospiritual healing methods that awaken the power of applied human consciousness. These methods come together powerfully in his new book, Dynamic Energetic Healing®.


* Finalist, Best Books 2006 for New Age, Non-Fiction; USA Book News.com.
* Notable, 2007, The Eric Hoffer Book Award for Best New Writing in Health/Self-Help
* Finalist, 2007 Nautilus Book Awards in the Health & Healing category
* Silver Medalist, 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards in Psychology/Mental Health category.

Reader Benefits:

1. Learn a powerful alternative to talk therapy.
2. Explore energy psychology as a new paradigm for client work and therapy today.
3. Discover how energy psychology integrates with traditional psychotherapeutic approaches.
4. Explore how Dynamic Energetic Healing® addresses the underlying origins of PTSD symptoms.
5. Learn how complex trauma can be identified and cleared from an originating event.
6. Explore how "muscle testing" techniques derived from Applied Kinesiology can enhance and inform client sessions
7. Discover interventions that promote powerful change with clients that are unresponsive to traditional therapy.
8. Learn a structured therapeutic model that integrates existing training into a creative new therapeutic framework
9. Discover a new understanding of the complexity of PTSD within the context of Dynamic Energetic Healing®.
10. Learn how "soul loss" is one of the most serious consequences of trauma.
11. Learn about shamanic healing practices.
12. Learn to access inner spiritual resources and raise your vibrational frequency.
13. Learn the protocol to ensure your connection to Source or Creator.
14. Find out how to use a Tibetan bell to balance stagnant emotional energy.
15. Find out how a regular energetic practice such as Qi Gong or meditation can awaken your extrasensory or psychic abilities.


"Dynamic Energetic Healing® helps to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, offering us new ways to approach client work and our common goal of planetary healing."
- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

"Provides a wealth of information, creatively synthesizing ancient spiritual healing practices with modern psychotherapy to create a holistic approach to healing. This book contains powerful healing!"
-“ Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth.

"Howard Brockman creatively bridges shamanism and body oriented psychological healing practices to create new methods to heal trauma and help integrate body, mind, and spirit. This book is easily read and very practical for both therapists and clients."
-“ Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., author of The Quantum Mind.