A darkly disturbing, supernatural tale about a disappearance and a reappearance -- and an ending with a twist.

+++ This is a 5,000 word short story +++

At the height of the Second World War, a few miles off the remote and rugged coast of north-western Scotland, new keepers are recruited to caretake a remote lighthouse with a dark past.

The previous occupant vanished into thin air -- and not a trace has been found of the young man.

The keepers need to be of stable mind in order to survive the solitude and the privations of their duties. Unfortunately, most have pasts that are at odds with this requirement—nothing is quite what it seems.

Mysterious disturbances clash with the inner demons that haunt the occupants — with devastating consequences.

This is a tense and haunting short story that is full of atmosphere. It will grip you until the end.

”What happened to the last crew here,” said Maitland.

“There was only one man—we’re a bit stretched, as you know,” said Cartwright. “The lighthouse keeper looked in on him every few days. Then, one day, the young man disappeared. When the keeper next returned, he looked high and low for him. He reported that the place was like the Marie Celeste—cup of tea half-empty on the galley table, some toast half-eaten. It looked as if the man had simply vanished.”

Reynolds whistled low under his breath. Maitland’s eyes widened and he looked in Reynolds’ direction.

“The procurator fiscal concluded that he’d probably been taken by a rogue wave whilst out on the rocks, but I reckon he did a runner. Couldn’t hack the solitude anymore, I suppose. Can’t blame him. He was a conscientious objector, too—so it has hardly been a priority, what with the war and everything. But he is still missing.”

+++ REVIEWS +++

“…all is revealed in a nice twist that nods to several classic ghostly tales. If you like old-school supernatural fiction redolent of stormy seas and lonely isles, this is for you.” -- David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales